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BJP requests that Bollywood repudiate its connections with ISI operator

 The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday requested that Bollywood deny its connections with Pakistan's covert operative organization ISI after photos of a few film stars presenting with known enemies of India activists abroad, surfaced via web-based networking media.

 Bollywood turned into the focal point of debate after pictures of Shahrukh Khan and his better half Gauri Khan showed up with California based Kashmiri dissenter as Tony Ashai, who has been encouraging Kashmiri youth to battle against India.

 A well known Srinagar-based dissident who passes by the name Al iskandar @TheSkandar on Twitter posted a progression of tweets guaranteeing that Tony Ashai, otherwise called Aziz Ashai, has been an individual from the dread gathering Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) supported by ISI

 Citing Ashai's combustible tweets, Al iskandar tweeted that he "himself is sitting in the comfortable rooms of California and inciting Kashmiri youth to get stones and firearms while his own child Bilal Ashai as of late moved on from Los Angeles, University of Southern California with Masters qualification

 Tony Ashai, he stated, has structured Shahrukh Khan's Dubai structures and Los Angeles lofts. The Bollywood genius, as per the Srinagar lobbyist, recruited Ashai as a modeler. Khan's significant other Gauri, he asserted is engaged with Ashai in a ton of her activities

 Al iskandar said that "it's a very much archived arrangement" for Tony Ashai to utilize his Bollywood impact. Shahrukh Khan, he stated, is an enthusiastic individual himself yet doesn't know about Tony Ashai's arrangements

Aziz Ashai (Tony Ashai) went to college in Buffalo, US, totally supported by JKLF, he guaranteed including that there was a JKLF meeting which occurred after his graduation in Italy. In addition his first business, Ashai Design was likewise supported by JKLF, he tweeted

 "$450k originated from a shell organization in Birmingham in pre-winter of 1992. In addition, his child (Bilal Ashai) is an individual from MSA which has connections to The Muslim Brotherhood.

 Posting Ashai's photos with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Al iskandar asserted that Ashai "is on finance of ISI, who is in contact with numerous individuals in Jammu and Kashmir and different pieces of the nation

 As the tweets circulated around the web, many Twitter clients uncovered a few pictures of Shahrukh, his better half and Tony via web-based networking media. A few clients pulled out pictures of different stars like Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar and others with another enemies of India lobbyist situated in the UK

 Observing the blast of tweets, Vice President of the BJP, Baijayant Panda, responded saying, "Ran over stunning strings archiving individual and business connections of some Bollywood characters with specific Pakistanis and NRIs with obvious history empowering brutality in J&K, who have evident connects to ISI and Pak armed force. I ask energetic Bollywoodies to disavow them.

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